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In this manner, proof exists of a nearby social trade among Aksum and the Bedouin Promontory, however the customary insightful view, that South Middle Eastern foreigners really inhabited and made pre-Aksumite northern Ethiopia, is progressively under attack. By the by, the old social trade across the Red Ocean became cherished in Ethiopian legend in the people of Makeda — the Sovereign of Sheba — and the Israelite ruler Solomon. Their legendary association was said to have created Menilek I, the forebear of Ethiopia’s regal line.

By the fifth century CE, Aksum was the predominant exchanging power the Red Ocean. Trade laid on sound monetary techniques, confirmed by the printing of coins bearing the representations of Aksumite rulers. In the mysterious Greek travel guide Periplus Maris Erythraei, written in the first century CE, Adulis is depicted as an “open harbor” containing a settlement of Greco-Roman traders. It was through such networks, laid out for the motivations behind exchange, that the Christianity of the eastern Mediterranean arrived at Ethiopia during the rule of Sovereign Ezanas (c. 303-c. 350). By the mid-fifth hundred years, priests were evangelizing among the Cushitic-speaking Agau (Agaw, or Agew) individuals toward the east and south.

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