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Artist Dagmawit Tsehaye talks about her partner

Interview with popular entertainer Dagmawit Tsehaye.It was expressed that the avoidance of authoritative limits will guarantee the advantage of people in generalAddis Ababa, Addis Ababa city organization and senior heads of the Oromia locale said that division of regulatory limits will reinforce the advantage of individuals and enduring harmony.He reviewed that before, objections were raised by the local area because of the absence of authoritative limits between the Oromia Exceptional Zone around Addis Ababa city and Finfine.

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As indicated by Dr. Girma Amente, facilitator of government improvement foundations in the Oromia district in the title of representative head of government, the boundary work will help the advancement deals with the two sides to be done without a hitch.

Addis Ababa city director in the limit of representative chairman, Ato Tolatu Yeine, said that the issue of boundary of managerial limits is a public inquiry that has been happening for quite a while.

Mr. Sadat Nesha, head of metropolitan political association at the Oromia branch office of the Success Party, said that the avoidance of the regulatory limits of the Oromia Unique Zone around Addis Ababa and Finfine will guarantee the advantage of the two players.

The pioneers let ESA know that the authoritative limit work was done in light of the constitution of the Federi, the sanction of the city of Addis Ababa and the constitution of the Oromia district.

They brought up that the outline work will assist with running regulatory errands and normal improvement in a smoother way and will reinforce the normal upsides of the neighborhood occupants.

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