Seifu on Ebs

As in general Oriental Customary Temples, the Ethiopia Universal Church grounded on the Witness’ insight of Jesus Christ who is Maker and Hero of the World.

The three boards the social affair of Nicaea on 325A. D, the leading group of Constantinople 381A. D, and Cepheus 431A. D which conceded the Child of God and condemned Arius’ recipe are completely been recognized by the Ethiopia Customary Church, but the Ethiopia Universal Church declines the Committee of Chalcedony at 451A. D coordinated by Pope Leo I which addresses the condition of the “two characteristics” against that of “one nature”.

The Ethiopia Universal Church heightens that all concerning Jesus Christ should be related to his entire person as one God. Not to single out the “Human nature” as presented to hunger, energy, persevering, etc, Properties exceptional to the human are insinuated his Heavenly powers as God shed blood, God was executed, God passed on, and God was rose for the saving, in light of everything.

The seven functions Atonement, purification, unction of the weakened, assertion, sacrosanct orders, favored cooperation and marriage are critical in the teaching of the Ethiopia Conventional Church.

Similarly, the Ethiopian Church addresses the five pillars of Secrets where the assemblage is determinedly grounded. These are the Secret of the Trinity, Manifestation, Absolution, Sacred Fellowship, and the Secret of the Revival. These Secrets are viewed as by the Congregation as key data for all and every Christian ought to appreciate these. Fasting is painstakingly agreed by totally sanitized through water people from the assemblage who are at least seven. During advanced; any meat and things animals are precluded.

Furthermore, all Christians ought to keep the Ten Precepts that were given to Moses from God and the six tales of the new affirmation in Matt. 25:35-36, to gain wearisome life in heaven. In the splendid second happening to Jesus Christ, the dead will be raised and reprobates will get discipline according to their bad behavior. In this manner, everyone is liable for his/her own submitted offense.

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