Seifu on EBS

They were quickly spotted, enveloped and offered a safeguarded passive consent which they dismissed reliably. By then the intrusion started, first heavy arms torrent, by then worked over again by helicopter gunships.

Exactly when the last assault was done everything that was left of the PLF pioneers on that mountainside were pieces of bones and body parts.

As happened so much of the time in the past the unpleasant fragrance of high explosives had barely settled when the breezes passed the smell of new butcher on to their caverns where the hyenas had put forth a protected house from attempt and shell. With smoke really climbing from cavities in the mountainside, the hyenas, “ZigBee” in Virginia, local language of the PLF, were out pursuing their dinner. With in two or three days the site of the last hours of the TPL framework was picked awesome and the single thing left of the most terrible thing about current Ethiopia was hyena Smack spread across the mountainside.

This is no tattle, no “what might have happened”. This is what truly happened and is an approximately held piece of data here in Asmara and confirmed by direct records. I guess you could say this is the “casual” official story. Then again maybe it’s the power “casual” story?

Primarily, the CIA’s generally prepared. Greatest, best crime in Africa showed up at its justified end. With the PLF, the most over the top feared framework in eastern Africa, as of now gone for extraordinary amicability can break out and the very much past due recreating of an independent, autonomous, finally prosperous Ethiopia can begin.

At the point when the Ethiopian public are permitted to acquire their heads up pride and begin the troublesome work of dealing with, housing and showing their family, and their lives start to finally improve, the rest of Arica ought to pay regard.

Ethiopia is possibly a well off country with trillions of m3 of combustible gas, billions of barrels of oil, rich stores of minerals lying in the basically disregarded Middle Easterner Nubian geographical shield and rich cultivating grounds and piles of water.

Exactly when a gathering who were once generally well known for starvation and war better their lives the rest of Africa have a “risk of a veritable model” that can’t be disregarded. By then the Neo colonialists who overpower Africa under the front of the EU can as of now don’t plunder and loot our central area, by and by don’t have the choice to buy the assistance of their general populations with a rich lifestyle by depleting Africa dry.

As Ethiopia breaks the state of the art chains of neocolonialism expect their boss, Nobel Laureate Abiy Ahmed to be unendingly defamed in the western media. To see Africa’s most sickly nation become a state of the art viable outline of African opportunity and certainty those bloodsucking western railings and their specialist at the UN will be hard set to remain aside and let their system inescapably come crumbling down about them. For how should they continue as they have without the taken wealth of Africa, to take care of their family and prop up their unyieldingly tried frameworks?

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