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Veronika Adane

Ethiopian writing, which has a long custom, is composed basically either in traditional Geʿez or in Amharic. The earliest surviving scholarly works in Geʿez are interpretations of Christian strict compositions from Greek, which might have affected their style and linguistic structure. During the sixteenth hundred years, Amharic, then, at that point, the chief communicated in language, started to be utilized for artistic purposes. Geʿez verse (qene) prospered in the eighteenth 100 years and has since kept on being drilled at numerous cloisters. After Ethiopia recovered its freedom from Italy in 1941, writers were urged to compose with an accentuation on moral and energetic subjects, and there was an emphasis on Amharic writing. Prominent authors during this period incorporate Makonnen Endalkachew, who delivered metaphorical books and plays, Kebede Mikael, known for stanza shows, and Tekle Tsodeq Makuria, known for narratives.

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