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Artist Abebe Worku’s speech

Glorification into non-Christian regions was joined by inner change and combination of the Christian state. As tops of the congregation, the Solomonic rulers effectively took part in the advancement of strict culture and discipline by building and improving chapels, subduing “agnostic” rehearses, and advancing the arrangement of philosophical and doctrinal works. By the by, the relations among chapel and state were set apart by struggle as well as participation. The ascent of the Shewan Solomonics had been gone before by a restoration of devotion in the Amhara regions, and the priests had an uncomfortable relationship with the new line. The bolder ones among them censured the tradition’s act of polygyny, and not until the late fourteenth century was the contention settled, the illustrious court prevailing upon the priests with rich awards of land. Different contentions likewise emerged.

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