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His Highness Edward VII by the Finesse of God, Ruler of the Unified Realm of Extraordinary England and Ireland, and of the English Territories past the Oceans, Sovereign of India, and His Highness Menelik II, by the Beauty of God, Lord of Lords of Ethiopia, being vivified with the hankering to certify the friendly relations between the two Powers and to settle the wild between the Sudan and Ethiopia, and His Highness Ruler Edward, having chosen as His Emissary Lieutenant-Colonel John Path Harrington, a Leader of the Illustrious Victorian Request, His Highness’ expert at the court of His Highness Menelik II, Lord of Lords of Ethiopia, whose full power have been tracked down in due and proper construction, and His Highness the Head Menelik, wrangling in his own name as Ruler of Rulers of Ethiopia, they have settled upon and do wrap up the going with Articles, which will be definitive on themselves, their recipients and substitutions :

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