Teddy’s Afro daughter’s special birthday video

The 16 years of age stage artist became pregnant. Sooner or later, she brought forth a child kid. She and her significant other who were given for craftsmanship, the arranger who made the marriage conceivable and the entertainer who was the best man simply attempted to show their ability and told they were prevailed upon by what they have adored however have not anticipated the kid’s life process nor his fate. The mother hasn’t pondered around searching for a name for her child nor has she argued for the assistance of others. She was looking at the painting on the wall. She has been to Debrezeit before she conceived an offspring. The painter has given her the artwork of Atse Theodros. She murmured a sound while her eyes were fixed at the painting. She called out for her better half.

“Kassahun… .Kassa! … ” she thought about her significant other’s name and named her child Theodros. Theodros Kassahun grew up. He was named the principal conceived. He commended his fifth birthday celebration. The mother was absent at his 6th birthday celebration. The couple started to independently live. Father assumed the liability of bringing up the youngster.

The kid developed tall. His age expanded. The young man grasped his dad’s desire in his enormous heart. He realized he inclined toward him. He saw his quiet at home and engaging person outside home.

The mother left her moving vocation and turned into an office secretary while the dad turned into a radio writer leaving his stage facilitating profession. The kid who saw his mom moving in TV and who heard his dad’s humor and his describing style in radio was consumed by the inclination he had for workmanship. At the entryway of his youthfulness, he composed an entire activity book of verse and took it to his mom. She didn’t care about him much when he showed it to her.

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