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The old language of Geʿez had at this point lost its power and turned into a ceremonial language wherein few individuals were completely familiar. During the sixteenth hundred years, Amharic, the chief communicated in language, was starting to be utilized for abstract purposes, and Amharic articulations even showed up in illustrious narratives. Around 1600, by the by, a couple of significant works in Geʿez showed up, including Hawi, a gigantic philosophical reference book deciphered by Salik of Debre Libanos; a Set of experiences by Johannes Madabbar, priest of Nikiu, containing a record of the Bedouin victory of Egypt, important since the Middle Easterner unique has been lost; and Fetha Negast (“Equity of the Rulers”), a gathering of ordinance and common regulation. Geʿez verse (qene) thrived, at Gonder especially, in the eighteenth 100 years and has since kept on being polished at numerous religious communities. A few sonnets of Alaqa Taye were imprinted in Asmara (presently in Eritrea) in 1921, and a significant compilation gathered by Hiruy Walde Selassie was distributed at Addis Ababa in 1926.

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