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The mid fifteenth century saw the interpretation of a few whole-world destroying books, which enlivened two unique structures. Fekkare Iyasus (“Explanation of Jesus”) was composed during the rule of Tewodros I (1411-14); “Secret of Paradise and Earth” was composed to some degree later and is critical for an enthusiastic record of the battle between the lead celestial host Michael and Satan. This book should not be mistaken for one more unique work of a similar period, the “Book of Secret” by Giorgis of Sagla, a nullification of sins. The huge hymn books and antiphonaries called Deggua, Mawaseʾet, and Meʾraf additionally presumably dated from this time, however a portion of the songs of devotion might be more seasoned. One more kind of strict verse initially formed during the fifteenth century was the malkʾe (“resemblance”), comprising by and large of around 50 five-line rhyming refrains, each addressed to an alternate physical or moral trait of the holy person apostrophized. As a last illustration of the strict writing of the “brilliant age” might be referenced the “Supernatural occurrences of Mary,” deciphered from Arabic in 1441-42; it was hugely famous and went through a few recensions, or basic corrections.

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