Yared Negu and Milen Hailu part one

The pastorate is made out of ministers, who lead the strict administrations and perform expulsions; elders, who aid the administrations; and debtera, who, however not appointed, play out the music and dance related with community gatherings and furthermore capability as soothsayers, crystal gazers, and healers. Ethiopian Christianity mixes Christian originations of holy people and heavenly messengers with pre-Christian convictions in considerate and malicious spirits and pixies. Extensive accentuation is put on the Jewish Book of scriptures (Hebrew Scripture). Further, the congregation perceives a more extensive ordinance of sacred writing that incorporates such texts as the prophetically catastrophic First Book of Enoch. Circumcision is generally polished; the Saturday time of rest (notwithstanding Sunday) is seen by a few passionate devotees; the ark is a fundamental thing in each congregation; and thorough fasting is as yet rehearsed.

The organization of the Ethiopian church, in general, isn’t learned, however there are philosophical theological colleges in Addis Ababa and Harer. Devotion is boundless, and individual cloisters frequently show unique subjects in philosophy or church music. Every people group likewise has its own congregation school, which until 1900 was the sole wellspring of Ethiopian instruction. The ritual and sacred writings are normally in Geʿez, however both have been converted into Amharic, the essential present day language of Ethiopia. In the mid 21st century the congregation asserted in excess of 30 million disciples in Ethiopia.

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