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As in all Oriental Standard Holy places, the Ethiopia Conventional Church grounded on the Witness’ insight of Jesus Christ who is Maker and Friend in need of the World.

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The three chambers the board of Nicaea on 325A.D, the gathering of Constantinople 381A.D, and Epheus 431A.D which admitted the Child of God and denounced Arius’ equation are completely been acknowledged by the Ethiopia Standard Church, yet the Ethiopia Universal Church rejects the Committee of Chalcedon at 451A.D directed by Pope Leo I which teaches the recipe of the “two qualities” against that of “one nature”.

The Ethiopia Standard Church heightens that all in regards to Jesus Christ ought to be connected with his whole individual as one God. Not to single out the “Human instinct” as exposed to hunger, energy, enduring, and so on, Properties abnormal to the human are alluded to his Heavenly powers as God shed blood, God was executed, God kicked the bucket, and God was ascended for the saving, everything being equal.
The seven ceremonies Repentance, submersion, unction of the debilitated, affirmation, blessed orders, sacred fellowship and marriage are significant in the educating of the Ethiopia Standard Church.

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