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During the Post-Aksumite period, the southern and eastern pieces of the Tigray region, which is the northernmost of Ethiopia’s nine areas, appear to have gradually moved to turn into the political focus of the country. A couple houses of worship in these areas have been apparently dated to this time span; in any case, dating is trying because of later changes and the difficulty of tying down licenses to do archeological overviews. Apparently holy places were all the while being fabricated and slashed (cut) out of rock. During the time after the Aksumites, a gathering of underground entombment loads called hypogea on the Hawzien plain in northern Ethiopia might have been transformed into houses of worship. Holy places like Abreha-we-Atsbeha (beneath) and Tcherqos Wukro might fall under this classification (the canvases in these temples presumably date from a later period). Nearby oral customs say that a couple of iron crosses date back to the Aksumite or Post-Aksumite periods. Be that as it may, it is exceptionally difficult to affirm these cases since there are no precise dating techniques and comparative crosses were made basically until the sixteenth hundred years.

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