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Musa Hassaji is 67 years of age; you might consider him a retired person at that age, yet as the colloquialism goes, age is only a number. He can presently be viewed as the dad of various nations, in the event that the quantity of posterity he has delivered is any sign. During seasons of worldwide emergency, Musa’s family is probably the biggest in the two his own Uganda and logical all of East Africa. Musa is the dad of 568 grandkids, 98 youngsters, and 10 companions. Ten unique ladies have been his spouses. At the end of the day, every one of his spouses has brought forth no less than nine youngsters. He evidently began far sooner than he ought to have, at 17 years old, when he ought to have been in secondary school. He had a Musa posterity as his most memorable kid. The polygamous man possesses an enormous compound and has constructed little distant houses for his youngsters, however he resides in one house with his spouses in general. “Everybody here is a my relative, as may be obvious.” He braggingly said, “I’ve had 98 children with 10 unique ladies.” A portion of his posterity are grown-ups as well as even guardians, while the more youthful ones are still in school. The incongruity of Musa’s story is that his family was battling to earn a living wage when he was conceived, in spite of just having two kids. Musa began a business and transformed him, despite the fact that he experienced childhood in outrageous destitution and exited school in Standard Six. He states that after I became prosperous, each family I went to request a lady of the hour got one right away. He go on by saying that despite the fact that a portion of his grandkids are more youthful than his most youthful spouse, Kakazi, he can in any case distinguish them regardless of not knowing the entirety of their names.

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