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With the presentation of the Greek culture in Ethiopia, the Sabaean pantheon would be supplanted by the Greek pantheon.

Popular Greek engravings left at Adulis by an obscure Ethiopian Sovereign, discusses Zeus, Poseidon, Aries, Hermes and Hercules.

It is uncovered through numerous epigraphic compositions, that the god Aries was viewed as the individual divine force of the Ethiopian Sovereigns during pre-Christian Ethiopia.
In the old city of Yeha, there actually stands today a very much protected sanctuary which is straightforwardly devoted to the Sabaean god Almouqah.

The sanctuary is rectangular with a twofold wall and a solitary entryway. Another comparable sanctuary which is in remains can be found in Hawlti-Melazo, which is near the city of Axum.

A sanctuary worked to respect the god Aries exists in the city of Axum, itself.

Changes were likewise normal in the old past and they exist in different spots all through. Kaskasse, a town near Methara, has a modify committed to the Sabaean god Sin.

It has etchings with dedicatory works, as well as, the bow and circle image.

Changes devoted to the god Almouqah likewise exist. Sovereign Ezana himself fabricated sculptures of gold, silver and bronze to the god Aries after he crushed the Beja nation on the northern piece of his region.
As per the Kebre Negast or Brilliance of the Lords, the presentation of Judaism into Ethiopia happened through the visit of Sovereign Sheba to Ruler Solomon in Jerusalem.

With the arrival of Sovereign Sheba to Ethiopia, she would bear a child by Lord Solomon, named Menelik.

Upon his change to masculinity, he would venture out to Jerusalem to visit his dad.

Through techniques portrayed as trick or even burglary, Menelik would get back to Ethiopia with numerous Israelites (children of Levites) carrying with him the Ark of the Pledge.

It is additionally accepted by some that the Falasha nation of northern Ethiopia, who follow a pre-Talmudic sort of Judaism, are descendents of the Israelites.

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