What happened to student Dagem his mother interview

The narrative of The briefest grown-up who has not ventured out from home for quite some time. The alumni understudy who regarded his mom was given a house. Sensations of misfortune are usually felt by understudies as they face a large number of changes in their lives.

One wouldn’t anticipate feeling miserable during a period normally considered a cheerful period in one’s life. Notwithstanding, as understudies approach this progress time, they are in many cases abandoning companions and the commonality of grounds life.

It isn’t shocking then that as understudies graduate, they frequently experience extreme pain and misfortune. As graduation day draws near, understudies are confronted with a variety of choices. It is entirely expected for understudies to scrutinize their future way as well as to consider on the previous years spent in the college. Once in a while individuals keep thinking about whether they have picked the “right major” and a field that best suits their inclinations.

Furthermore, understudies wrestle with the vulnerability representing things to come and frequently ask themselves inquiries, for example, “what is it that I need to do?”, “how to get a new line of work?”, “where would I like to reside?”, “Would it be a good idea for me I go to graduate school?”, and “how might I have the option to begin taking care of my credits?” In considering one’s past and making arrangements for the future, sensations of debilitation

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