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Hanan Tariq delightfully caught pictures

Undertakings ought to utilize their work environments appropriately by staying away from criminal operations.

Mr. Jantarar Abai, Delegate City chairman and Top of the Workplace of Business, Endeavor and Industry Improvement

The workplace is building various working environments and moving them to the clients to guarantee the business chances of the residents.

Today, in Aqaqi Kaliti Sub-city, he has moved by parcel to clients the working environments that poor person been adjusted in light of multiple factors, were involved unlawfully and were recently moved to clients for quite some time.

Therefore, 102 undertakings and 450 administrators have benefited. Of this, 55% of clients are ladies, college graduates, handicapped and returnees are remembered for the parcel.

Mr. Jantarar Abay, Representative Chairman of Addis Ababa and Top of the Workplace of Business, Venture and Industry Improvement, who was available at the gathering, expressed that as our city is home to numerous jobless young people, the public authority is planning a procedure and giving different backings, including the development and move of working environments.

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