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Tadias Addis

Beside a couple of rock carvings and drawings which show scenes of people and creatures, Ethiopian canvases are totally church/religion related.

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The Ethiopian Church directed the sort and reason for all canvases in Ethiopia. Compositions tracked down on symbols, church wall paintings, and in original copies center around endeavoring to utilize clearness to communicate a thought, rather than giving the craftsman/watcher delight.
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Of the multitude of heavenly messengers, evangelists, saints, holy people and different characters of the Book of scriptures, the Virgin Mary or St. Mary holds an exceptional spot in Ethiopian canvases and she is the most drawn subject.

The confidence of Ethiopians upon St. Mary is communicated in different ways, for instance, a few outlines depict her as a modest, young lady of youth, while others depict her as developed areas of strength for and, fit for safeguarding the Ethiopian public.

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