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This Article basically examines the law and the training on ladies’ more right than wrong to and command over country land in Ethiopia. The review utilized doctrinal legitimate exploration and experimental quantitative techniques to gather and break down information gathered from essential and optional sources. Devices, for example, regulation audit and examination, questioner helped overview poll, key source meetings and center gathering conversations were utilized during the time spent information assortment. It has been found that the current regulations enough perceive a lady’s on the right track to balance regarding admittance to and control of property (counting land) in Ethiopia. Notwithstanding, destructive standard practices and generalizations against ladies are as yet pervasive in the Wolaita people group, which impedes a successful execution of the lawful privileges of ladies to have and control land. It is proposed that legitimate mindfulness training and compelling lawful guide ought to be made accessible for ladies to enable them to guarantee their property privileges overall and a right to country land use and organization specifically.

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