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Can it kill the earphone?

Reports have turned into a web sensation that nodding off wearing headphones can prompt demise by electric shock.
Nodding off with headphones in has never killed anybody.
Online entertainment locales have illuminated with admonitions about the risks of nodding off with headphones in while your telephone is charging.
The first (misleading) report of a passing brought about by mini headphone electric shock began with the site Paparazzi Jamaica, a computerized newspaper that “doesn’t warrant or make portrayals concerning the exactness” of its accounts.
Paparazzi Jamaica reports:

A youthful Filipino young lady re-energizes her telephone while her headphone was associated with her the two ears and nodded off.

As she was resting, the telephone overheated, consumed and the electric power went through the headphone and she got shocked and passed on in her rest. This has happened the previous evening at 11 pm, June 10, 2015.

Then, at that point, the site News Watch 33 put another curve on the story. It detailed that the a 19-year-elderly person named Gabrielle Samuels had been killed in Houston subsequent to nodding off with miniature headphones in:

As per specialists, Samuels nodded off around 12:15 a.m. in her room. The young lady had completed a discussion with her beau in practically no time prior to firing up her playlist. Around 3 a.m. is the point at which the gadget failed, bringing about the demise of Samuels. Clinical inspectors at the scene decided Samuels was shocked by the iPhone as the reason for death. Authorities additionally found that Samuels was not utilizing an authority authorized Apple iPhone charger, which they accept added to the breaking down gadget.

The story was immediately shared almost multiple times via web-based entertainment destinations, and many were hoodwinked into accepting that the record was valid. In any case, News Watch 33 “makes no ensures” about the exactness of its accounts, as per its disclaimer.
As opposed to these misleading reports, there have been no miniature headphone electric shock passings. The earphones do, be that as it may, present serious wellbeing gambles. Young people have been killed in mishaps on the grounds that headphones made them uninformed about their environmental factors. Different diverted teens meandered into the ways of moving toward trains and were killed in light of the fact that they couldn’t hear the admonition whistles, as per reports.

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