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Those who force you to wear clothes that are out of the country’s culture Ethiopia The Addis Ababa Culture, Arts and Tourism Bureau has announced that it will take necessary action against hotels that force their employees to dress in a way that is out of hospitality ethics and national culture. The head of the office, Dr. Hirut Kasau, told Fana Broadcasting Corporation that the dress code of hospitality workers in star hotels and other service providers in the capital does not respect the ethics of the hospitality industry.

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They pointed out that in these institutions, dress that is out of Ethiopian culture and values ​​and not up to the standards of the hospitality service sector is being applied. The head said that when the institutions engaged in the sector issue a permit, they must comply with the tourism code of conduct, thus pointing out that the first responsibility is to protect the country’s culture, tradition and faith. He pointed out that such acts are mostly observed at night, and said that he has sent a warning letter to the Hotel Property Trade Association so that the institutions refrain from their actions.

Therefore, they announced that the necessary action will be taken against the star hotels, star restaurants, preferred, high, first-class hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes and pensions that make and force their employees to wear clothes that are out of hospitality ethics and national culture. He said that service providers will implement the hospitality code of conduct and control and monitoring work will be done in the office structure up to the district level. In the past, he stressed that action will be taken with the city’s regulation enforcement office to identify establishments that make the waiters wear clothes that deviate from Ethiopian culture, especially at night

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