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Sad interview

Rakeb Alemayehu is a renowned Ebs writer and presently she rums her own business after she had left the TV station.

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“We are glad to say that we have conveyed transports that will facilitate the transportation issue” – City hall leader Adanech Abebe

Addis Ababa, City chairman Adanech Abebe said, “We are glad to carry you current transports to reduce the maltreatment of transportation administrations upon the arrival of administration.”

The organization sent off 110 present day transports bought with a credit from the World Bank today.

The city hall leader of Addis Ababa, Adanech Abebe, in his discourse at the send off of the transports, said that the transports were bought from U T Tong Organization at an expense of 16.5 million bucks.

He called attention to that the transports will assist with easing the rising transportation issue in the city, particularly that they will work as though they have the notable and age-old Lion Transport brand.

Moreover, Chairman Adanech said that the city organization will place 200 transports into activity in the following three months.

The organization expressed that the public authority is moving with assurance to modernize the area, including the transports that entered administration today.

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