mesert mebratie

I’m simply going to rate one of the sables. of the theater:

In your dear room

Ethiopia From the very start it fell under the control of two veteran editors. It’s a gift. Laying on the hands of Faisana II. They examined her well. They likewise made her faithful to her #1 stage.

What’s more, confronting a person that is trying all along. The makers are additionally great, Dagi in “Kakee Werdwat”; Getsch is enchanted by her “vision of Theodore” and they take her out for good.

Then who can! …

Aside from her ongoing works, she has acted in excess of 12 theaters and moves through a similar stage like a trench.

“I love doing theater!…Acting is carrying on with the existences of others!” It is sufficient to watch her season’s visit on the stage to show that she adores theater. He has something to tell us.

How long are there in the week? seven.

All things considered, she’s dramatic five out of seven.

In the background, Meron was on Tuesday and Friday at the World Film, and on Wednesday, Theodore’s Vision descended from the stage. Regardless of whether the theater isn’t there, Meski will adhere to Wednesday and she will be Anna. It was ready by the popular theater maker Teshale Asefe. Notwithstanding Thursday, in a unique program on Sunday at 11:00 at the Public Performance center of Ethiopia, she will dazzle us by playing one of five characters.

I will always remember the columnist Tewodros T/Eregai who saw this brilliant exhibition and expressed, “She is an entertainer who makes me exuberantly pleased. How can she make it happen!!” He said that he was crushed.

All things considered, he saw her acting in the theater more than marriage, and he affirmed that she would be an extraordinary entertainer all along.

Meski has no rest. He is battling to think of other new positions. It is going to occur at the terrific auditorium of the celebration which will be opened soon at the nation’s adoration theater house. She is likewise concentrating on different plays.

The people who really love and regard the stage as a craftsman ought to be respected. She ruled on the stage since she was respected. She will rule!!

May the lord come to Israel. Individuals like you are the expectation of the calling! Offer me honor.

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