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Girl who sees her self as another Saron

This is the tale of an astonishing Ethiopian young lady

The third_singers_and_musicians_meeting_was held!!

Today, the gathering of the Association of Vocalists and Performers was held for the third time in the City Church (Yugo). The program began with a request, and our sibling, performer David Goldu, implored. The title of the request was covering the shortcoming of the siblings and he appealed to God for us to atone when we ought to apologize of what we don’t merit in our different siblings. He said that we ought to cover our siblings and we ought to adore our siblings as ourselves.

A period of love was driven by vocalist Jordan and great love was given by vocalist Becky.

Song 136:1-26 We love God.

Artist Bethab Kasa drove the program and welcomed the visitor of the day, vocalist Bethlehem Wolde. Vocalist Ebenezer Legese talked with artist Betty.

Questioner – Vocalist Ebenezer – How could you begin your service? Who is your good example?

Zemarit Bethlehem Wolde – I began composing melodies when I was in the 6th grade. My model is Minister Trust Gabiso. After I created a tune, I got a letter after my melody. The letter said that my tune composing isn’t right. I chose not to sing once more. I got one more letter saying that many individuals were helped by my tune.

Asking Artist Ebenezer – Let us know the declarations you will not fail to remember in your melodies.

Vocalist Betty Wolde-was my more established sister who I will always remember. She said give greatness to God. A cab driver vouched for my sister. A lady was going to off herself and surrendered her considerations of passing on while paying attention to my tune in a taxi.

Another declaration I heard as of late. During the Ethiopian-Eritrean conflict, one of them had a Book of scriptures and my tune in his pocket. He was killed in a fight. At the point when another trooper look through our dead man’s pocket, he tracks down that Book of scriptures and my song. Then he acknowledged the Ruler. That man who went through Sudan is currently a minister.

At long last, my recommendation is to pay attention to new vocalists. There are numerous things that are not recorded with God. Sticking to Him, we ought to get psalms. There are many psalms yet to be sung. There isn’t anything wrapped up with God, so move nearer to him. Make the first the first. she said May God favor you, vocalist Betty Wolde.

In the last program, Minister Zemari imparted the expression of God to us. He passed a superb message on to youthful and old vocalists. Begin with appreciation. He sent a superb message.

I will keep on welcoming previous artists and offer guidance to youthful vocalists. I say that the Ruler will give you the solidarity to accomplish other things to bring the thoughts and dreams that he brought up in the principal meeting as far as possible.

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