Girma Tefera (Dena hun) – Tariku Birhanu baba

| “Dena hun” (Tariku Birhanu baba Tune)

Addis Ababa schools were requested to be completely focused

In Addis Ababa, Addis Morning has heard that schools have been told to lead severe discipline following conflicts in schools connected with Oromia locale banner hanging and singing.

It was the city organization’s schooling office that arranged schools to be completely focused. It is said that the methodology which is supposed to be completely upheld requires severe checking by understudies and educators.

As per this, Addis Maleda has seen the letter endorsed by the top of the schooling office, Zelema Mulatu, and shipped off all sub-area training workplaces.

As expressed in the letter; Schools are told to give an advance notice to a late and an understudy who misses a day.

Likewise, an understudy who is late for two days and is late is given a composed admonition before the parent. It was likewise brought up that an understudy who is late for over two days will be rebuffed by the rules.

The letter, which calls for severe checks at school entryways, confines understudies from bringing things, for example, telephones, firecrackers and inflatables to school. It is likewise said that schools have been requested to make a disciplinary move against any understudy tracked down possessing restricted gear.

Training the executives, educators and staff have been requested to regard their functioning hours and do their showing work; It is said that being late, missing and leaving the school premises before the finish of working hours is restricted.

In the letter in which the top of the training office sent the request, he focused on that the school administration at each level who doesn’t carry out the request will be considered responsible.

Lelemu for Kf City Training Workplaces, in their request, “Schools are spots of learning”; He additionally encouraged that prompt move be made and detailed against any administration, educator, staff and understudy who frustrates the instructing and educational experience.

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