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What happen on gosaye

Age is only a number on the off chance that you truely love somebody.

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Kusame clan in Derashe locale

The Kusame ethnic gathering is situated in Gato Kebele, Derashe Locale, 675 kilometers from Addis Ababa.

It is lined by Konso in the south and east, Derase in the north and Mashole in the west. Its super regulatory focus is Gato Kebele.

“Every” waterway that crosses the fall separates it. The town on the right half of the waterway is designated “Kuseme” and the one on the left is classified “Kshele”.

In Keshele town, notwithstanding the Kusames, there are individuals from the Derashe and Mashole ethnic gatherings.

Gato Kebele has a swamp environment. The scene is hilly, plain and valley. As per the data of the Focal Measurements Authority, the name of the country is Kusume which implies Embrit in Kusmin language.

Kusame implies seed. The Kusame ethnic gathering fundamentally lives in agribusiness, however they additionally breed creatures. They likewise produce two times per year utilizing customary water system. For this, the waterway Yanda, which goes through the town, assumes a significant part.

Most Kusme ladies wear a customary outfit called “Ollola”. The language of the Kusame ethnic gathering is classified “Kusemna”. It has a place with the Kushawi language family.

It is nearer to Konsona and Aramaic dialects. The individuals from the ethnic gathering likewise communicate in Oromo, Konsogna and Drashegna, notwithstanding the Kusum language.

In the Kuseme ethnic gathering, marriage “Hamita” is acted in four ways. They are known as “Kaseta”, “Shevita”, “Tina” and “Dahale”.

The kind of marriage called “Kaseta” is a cycle wherein his preferred man weds the lady when he figures out that she is reasonable through his companion and sends her to the senior of her family to get hitched.

The kind of marriage called “Sweita” is where the lady and the man furtively wed subsequent to consenting and illuminate the family, and the lucky man is rebuffed by custom.

“Tina” is a type of marriage by snatching. “Dahale” is a kind of legacy marriage, and in the event that the senior sibling is hitched and kicks the bucket without having youngsters, the more youthful one acquires his better half.

Be that as it may, the kids conceived are called by the name of the senior sibling. However, assuming that the departed conceived an offspring, there is no legacy marriage.

Kusumes cry more when an individual bites the dust than when a kid or youngster kicks the bucket.

Yet, when an elderly person passes on, they assemble and move, not crying harshly, on the grounds that they accept that he kicked the bucket toward the finish of his life.

Despite the fact that it is turning out to be less normal now, columnist Brock Jared’s post-graduate proposal for Addis Ababa College demonstrates that after the passing of an ancestral pioneer, his digestive organs are surrendered to dry for to one year.

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