The short guy married the tall girl and they are in love

Rakeb Alemayehu is planning for her wedding subsequent to delighting her arrangements to her fans.

Already she was working with Ebs Sunday show with Asfaw Meshesha yet because of some little conflict they separated their methodologies. Soon after leaving ebs she quickly began another YouTube feed with her authority name and she got more than 100K Buys in with in seven days. This shows the amount she is cherished and appreciated while she was working with ebs team, first as a news moderator and later Sunday show.

Renaissance Dam second turbine began to produce powerAddis Ababa: A service was held to report the beginning of producing power for the second turbine of the Incomparable Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.Unit 9, what began activity today, has the ability to produce 270 megawatts of force.

Unit 10, which produces 270 megawatts, began creating power last February.Following this, the incomparable Ethiopian Renaissance Dam will create a sum of 540 megawatts of power, including the present.This implies the power produced by Sneer 1 and Scoff 2 together.

At the ebb and flow level and water level of the Terrific Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, every turbine, including the one charged today, can create 270 megawatts of power.At the point when the dam begins producing power at full limit, every turbine will create 375 megawatts of force.

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