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Ato Warku Aitenu will construct a concrete industrial facility for 1,000,000,000.00 US dollars!

Mr. Worku’s new concrete production line; It has been designated a capital of 1 billion bucks, which is supposed to be the biggest venture of the financial backer.Ato Warku Aitenew recently put vigorously in the oil plant he initiated a year ago.The big shot put 5.2 billion birr in an oil maker named W.AThis big shot’s oil creation is situated on a 17-hectare site in Debremarkos city.

Ato Worku, who currently turned his face to the concrete industrial facility; Public Concrete’s Ato Molaayheu Biaznun, Derba’s Mohammed Hesse Al Amoudi and one more financial specialist who as of late purchased 40% of Habesha Concrete will join Getu Galetu’s business space.

For the concrete production line that Ato Warku is working with similar name as his oil processing plant; It is said that they have mentioned 150 hectares of land close to Dejan city in the Amhara locale, and they are searching for a colleague for the manufacturing plant, as per a report in the English journalist paper.

The paper likewise read that Kasim Siraj, the undertaking director of the plant, said that we have finished our arrangements to fabricate and finish the industrial facility in two years or less.In the following two years, the Abai, Berrentu and Mimi concrete plants are supposed to enter the market, and the Gold Aitenu WA is supposed to be the fourth.

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