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Ababa Trade Bureau has announced that it is working to ensure a better supply of products

Ababa Trade Bureau has announced that it is working to ensure a better supply of products for the Christmas and baptism holidays. Head of Addis Ababa City Administration Trade Bureau Adam Nuri gave a statement regarding the activities being done to make the business and marketing system healthy during the Christmas and baptism holidays.

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Ato Adam Nuri announced that various activities are being carried out to import teff, wheat, slaughter cattle and other necessary inputs by establishing ties with regional cooperatives and urban consumers as well as entities engaged in food processing services. He said that it is offered through unions. According to the official’s explanation, 15,000 slaughter animals will be supplied through temporary centers including four permanent animal selling centers.

 Febla 2.2 million oil, Gifty 800 thousand, Business Corporation 1.2 million on the consumer side, a total of five point four million liters of oil will be provided for both holidays. Adam Nuri, who mentioned during his statement that the Addis Ababa Trade Bureau will provide all the necessary support and monitoring to enable the trade and marketing system to be healthy, said that he will take quick action based on the information received from the community when there are acts affecting the trade system.

He said that a committee headed by the deputy mayor has been organized from the district for the celebrations and more importantly, they will be divided into three sub-committees to carry out their duties. He also said that he will work diligently to prevent low-quality products from entering the marketing system, including unnecessary price increases and stockpiled products or stockpiles.

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