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Everybody will applaud and hail as the gifts begin flooding in. The lady of the hour will be; a generally d

Everybody will applaud and hail as the gifts begin flooding in. The lady of the hour will be; a generally decorated Gabi, hand-made bed sleeping cushion, a wedding outfit, a large number of birr worth of gems more extravagant than she was only a day prior.

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Assume the lady of the hour’s family needs the man and considers him fitting for their girl. All things considered, they will offer out their responses and say, “We consent to the bond” on the off chance that they don’t need the marriage or are even a piece reluctant about the association, they will request one more meeting of shimglena just to wind up saying no. Contingent upon the response, the food will be served however must be delighted in the event that the reaction is positive.

The men sent will laud the lucky man and assess all that he had at any point finished, including minuscule subtleties like how he started talking early on when his age-mates were simply goo-ing to how he transformed into such a hopeful young fellow deserving of their little girl. They will list everything to his name; vehicles, houses, cash, stock offers, and even bonds.

Telosh is the second move toward the Ethiopian wedding collection. Telosh is a wedding party yet more customary and less bombastic. This occasion is held two days before the principal wedding function. Like the shimglena the hosts are the lady of the hour’s family. This is where the lady of the hour is showered with heaps of gifts from the husband to be’s family and every one of the visitors joining in.

The lady and her bridesmaids normally get together for a day of magnificence medicines and dress fittings before the wedding. She gets magnificence medicines, has her hair and make-up finished, and chooses the ideal wedding outfit. Upon the arrival of the wedding, her bridesmaids help her dress and ensure she is prepared to stroll down the walkway.

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