Saron Ayelegn: “I want to promote Ethiopia as a worldwide model.”

Dr. Engineer Negash Wagesho, bad habit director of the South West Ethiopian Individuals' Provincial State a

Dr. Engineer Negash Wagesho, bad habit director of the South West Ethiopian Individuals’ Provincial State and an individual from the Thriving Party’s chief council, says that the local area’s interests regarding improvement are commonA public gathering was set up so the ends and ideas from the Flourishing Party’s most memorable customary gathering could be discussed.

Occupants of Bonga Town Organization feel that irritating framework issues in our space ought to be discussed at the forum.People who live there say that governmental issues have a held the new area back from filling in a fair manner for ages, which has prompted it being immature.

Exceptional discussion with Abune Nathanael: “When we honor the introduction of Christ, it ought to be in a strict framework, not a common one.” The service of lights and candles is one of the odd parts of Customary formality. During everyday supplications, Eucharistic Formality, Book of scriptures readings, on the special raised area, and before the symbols, the Ethiopian Standard Church frequently utilizes lights and candles.

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