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Worku Aytenew, a billionaire, dancing at his sister’s wedding

At the point when we were rehearsing, this group's name — Lake Lamesia — was under the bearing of

At the point when we were rehearsing, this group’s name — Lake Lamesia — was under the bearing of mentor Jonas Hailey. Despite the fact that I played in different groups in my young life region, I began playing at this club when I was 11 years old.Yonai Haile’s mentor, Haiq, is prestigious for creating countless remarkable posterity. Several has

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had a ton of kids, including Takele Alemayew, Zakarias Kebede, Ephraim Kasa, Jaffer Delil, Arken, and a ton of other celebrities. The association is by and by known as the Hira Food Complex Football Undertaking. Hira will play in the 13-year-old, 15-year-old, and 17-year-advanced age bunches at Adama’s yearly youth football competition.

The best children from the Hira project are U17 Sudeis, Mulukun, Ibrahim, U15 Yohannes, Salih, and U13 kids named So be it, and I anticipate that they should win the opposition with their most prominent exhibitions.

The regarded mentor Jonas Haile is perseveringly raising a ton of youths nowadays. We are genuinely thankful to Yoni for everything. A prosperous new year is shipped off you from the Hira Food Complex Undertaking.

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