Daniel Tegegne, an artist, and his family

I bid Dega Damot goodbye. Enduring can't possibly exist. I breathed in some air. My reality has changed. W

I bid Dega Damot goodbye. Enduring can’t possibly exist. I breathed in some air. My reality has changed. What a brilliant spot this is. Ethiopia is a bumpy country. She is as yet breathing in outside air despite the fact that she isn’t heaving cash from her mountains. Mountains make up more than 75% of the good countries. Dega was given the name Damot thus. An area in the West Gojam

zone is called Dega Damot. The chain of the tremendous mountain came to the area where I am and associated with it. I live nearby. I’m found 112 kilometers from Bahr Dar. Fnote Salam is the name of the zone’s capital. From Fnote Salam, it is 87 kilometers away. I’m going from Taame Aba Kedt to the pony house. I showed up in a one of a kind area. You enter Keke through the rafters. a tumultuous provincial lung that is less visited yet additionally unfamiliar to mountain

travelers. I zeroed in on the four debates that I could make out somewhere far off. the level of Ethiopia’s Gojam Pinnacle. I enthusiastically anticipate when I can accumulate it and give it to you. I’ve been pleased with the Amhara Climate and Woodland Insurance Expert for a couple of years now since they sympathetically assigned Mount Stifle as a safeguarded area.Choke Mountain drops to a profundity of 1600 meters above ocean level. The biggest top on an alternate planet is this one.

Gag is quite possibly of the most seasoned mountain in Ethiopia, with a pinnacle rise of 4400 meters. A chain is a gag. The locale of Bechna are partitioned by the eastern piece, which stretches to the Mount Markos inclines. The place that is known for North Keke is warm. The southwest piece of the image has four contentions. Damot, where I’m, has been reached from the south. I previously saw this here. The good country vegetation represented a danger to the land. Moreover, ponies can be spotted infrequently. The heavenly messenger on earth I’ve been looking at is here. I showed up at the pony’s home. He would have cried blood on the off chance that the street hadn’t been constructed. For the oppressor who was all the while crying,

my heart throbbed. “I miss you, I miss the method of the pony, similar to straw to travel,” I shared with my property. He’s been managing it. This country’s makers have been given an easy route to the market. Damot Road is one. I’ve come to the pony’s home. It is one of the country’s most established urban areas. There are various great attractions in Guyana. I’ll attempt to examine Damot. A lifetime for those with taste, a lifetime for complete ecotourism, a lifetime for the high countries, where becoming older makes no adverse consequences — the level, we should go to the level together.

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