‘Selam, I have a special place for you’ – Yared Negu.

He who wishes not to live is thinking about himself as a ruler and his better half as a slave. He believes his s

He who wishes not to live is thinking about himself as a ruler and his better half as a slave. He believes his significant other should regard him past the limits of custom. He firmly despises being called his most memorable name.He is the spouse, everything being equal. He loves and really focuses to a greater degree toward his friends and family than his legitimate spouse. Dispersing cash to different ladies fulfills him. He makes numerous sweethearts.

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The personality of correspondence is masked. His haughtiness covered him from his toenails to his hair. He doesn’t treat his better half’s sentiments in a serious way. He doesn’t permit the relationship among him and his significant other to be wonderful. The game never gave him that feeling.The companion fills in as an issue solver. He adores his significant other when he needs to fill in the thing is absent with her. He is capable at knowing his significant other’s private

parts. He eases up the weight by featuring her powerless side. Her space is his solace. Her disgrace is his fate.He is languid. He adores his better half for cash. He puts his better half’s cash in different ladies. His capacity to produce thoughts is sharpened. He got together all the normal family things and gave them over to his better half. There is no such thing as aiding her. He is a criminal.

Infantile conduct assaults him. He can’t pursue choices all alone without speaking with his family or family members. It’s a wreck. He for the most part counsels his family for decision making as opposed to his better half’s loved ones. In any case, when superfluous issues emerge, he generally focuses his finger at his better half’s familyThe meeting is consistently outside. At the point when he returns home, he resembles an outsider. He gives the essential supplies to his loved ones. Be that as it may, Sharafi, who gives them, has no time. He resembles a guerrilla who goes into the timberland to keep an eye on the city.

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