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As soon as after the above pre-conditions are agreed upon the groom along with his nice guys could deliver the dowry they offer night earlier than the marriage day the dowry generally consists of rings and clothing’s right here ethiopian conventional clothes also are presented along with other gifts for the bride, the brides maids typically asses the features if it’s miles as much as or now

not up to the brides tastes. The apparel’s worn by using the attendees all through the wedding day differs from areas to areas in city regions it not unusual to peer present day garb amongst ethiopian conventional get dressed being applied. On the marriage day the groom and his men would go to the brides

house to pick her up but this gained’t be an clean challenge due to the fact the groom and his men could meet a resistance from the brides brothers and cousins they normally sing they way in or bribe them then they could take the bride to the place wherein the marriage will take region. There’s a modern-day ethiopian garb style for the bride in which its layout has roots from the antique ethiopian traditional garb layout which you could see for yourself in our websites catalogues the groom also can be

wearing conventional ethiopian garb as for his fine men and brides maids the opposite occasions that showcases ethiopian traditional clothing’s is the “melse” an occasion which is held after the real day of the wedding this is an occasion arranged via now not the groom however different contributors of the households at their respective houses attendees on this occasion are limited to circle of relatives participants and near

pals who usually wear traditional ethiopian clothing its commonly a custom that the first-rate guys and brides maids are liable for making ready their own out suits which should be matching in design and coloration this garb’s are worn with the aid of the “mizés” or the brides maids and grooms high-quality men all through all activities of the wedding

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