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“At the point when I consider my mom, my bliss has never been complete…” Mother and kids meet A remote place following 30 years of nonappearance, a brilliant story//on Saturday evening//City chairman Adanech Abebe visited the undertakings being finished in 90 days in Lemi Kura

Chairman Adanech Abebe visited the green advancement of street dividers, development of lodging for the oppressed, bread making focus, dairy ranch, assembly hall and the new Lemi Kura sub-city building and the phase of street framework work that are being completed in Lemi Kura.

During his visit, he valued the endeavors being made to guarantee that the tasks under development in the region are finished on time.

It was additionally expressed during the visit that the advancement projects being inherent the region are chipped in by Ethiopian financial backers who love the country.

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