Ketera in Gondar

Timket, Ethiopia’s Blowout of the Revelation, is one of the greatest and holiest occasions in the Ethiopian Universal Christian schedule and is praised on nineteenth January consistently. This year not surprisingly, it was praised in that frame of mind with three days of celebration, starting just before Timket with sensational parades.

The word Timket, from the Ge’ez word Asteryo signifying “to uncover”, alludes to the disclosure related with the Congregation’s religious philosophy which is the solidarity of God the dad, the child and the Blessed Apparition during the submersion of Christ.
The festival of Timket begins the evening of eighteenth January, known as ‘Ketera’, which alludes to the creation of a dam, as it is considered normal to make a dam where there is no stream water for the festival of Timket. The “Tabot ” (imitation of the Ark of the Agreement) is removed from each congregation and borne overtop by consecrated clerics to the closest waterway, lake or lake where the collective sanctification is to happen the following day.

The parade is gone to by reciting and moving groups in stunning white customary dress, which stands out from the shades of the formal robes and sequined velvet umbrellas of the ministers. The Tabots stay for the time being close to the water and services go on for the time being.

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