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Addis Ababa City Organization's Childhood and Game Department had a conversation with in excess of 1

Addis Ababa City Organization’s Childhood and Game Department had a conversation with in excess of 1500 young people from every one of the 11 sub-urban communities for the tranquil festival of Ketira and Immersion, which is praised out in the open among the devotees of the Ethiopian Conventional Tewahedo Church.

The Head of Youth and Sports Department of Addis Ababa City Organization, Mr. Balai Dejen, who gave the initial discourse to the conversation, said that the submersion service, which is enlisted as a world legacy, is gone to by numerous supporters of the confidence, and that young play an extraordinary part in protecting its strict qualities.

Ato Balai, who made sense of that sanctification is a celebration that communicates our fraternity and is commended in an extraordinary and fabulous way, said that the young people of the city ought to work in a joint effort with the security powers so the celebration starts and finishes calmly.

Getahun Abera, representative top of the Addis Ababa Harmony and Security Department, who was available at the gathering and passed a message on to the young, said that when the local area commends the sanctification, other than the messages that mirror the strict and social part of the celebration, other superfluous fomentations and activities that upset the general public are disallowed.

Mr. Getahun, who referenced that in excess of 278 arks, remembering Jan Meda for Addis Ababa, will go to 78 ark resting places from their place of high standing to the baptismal ocean.

The young people who partook in the gathering said that they ought to cooperate with the security powers until the sanctification function starts and closures calmly and they will work particularly by observing the hair change and conveying it to the concerned party.

The young raised the issues that they face as dangers during the festival of Al Alu, and through broad counsel and conversation on the dangers, an understanding was arrived at that all gatherings ought to work with a feeling of obligation.

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