Best Ethiopian Wedding In Ethiopia

10th wedding anniversary of artist Ruta and her spouse. Please think creatively if you read this, especially if you’re younger. In this generation, there is a lot of room for innovation, so while it’s fine to draw inspiration from others, try to discover your own voice. I realize it takes time and effort, but you have to find yourself and make something that is genuinely yours.

Wherever we are, whether we enjoy the work we are doing or are only doing it to make ends meet, or whether we joined it in the hopes that it would lead to something greater, let’s attempt to bring that mentality with us. When I was younger, adults would step in and correct children when they did anything improper, but today, no one seems to care. I think it’s beneficial to teach kids the difference between right and wrong.

We looked for individuals who stood out from our nation to the rest of the world since, at the time I was working on Betty G’s record, there was no other Ethiopian woman who could have an impact after Zeritu. Among musicians with superior resources and access, we were able to do more than we even anticipated and won the prize for the best record in Africa. Also, the Nobel Committee chose Betty to sing at the ceremony for the Nobel Prize, which was a surprise.

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