Artist Halima revealed her plan about marriage

Craftsman Halina Ibrahim converses with seifu about assortment of points including her goal about her inclination to get hitched. She expressed up to this point in excess of nine solicitations came for marriage demand.There is no deficiency of giving. Regardless of whether nobody sees you, share the table with individuals around you. In particular, share your affection !!”

Addis Ababa City Organization Chairman, Adanech Abebe, today imparted a table to 2,000 individuals.The city organization is holding a food sharing function for in excess of 195,000 residents all through the city today.

Remarking on the function, City chairman Adanech said it is a program to show that we are with our kin, that we care about them, that we care about them and that we will serve them.

The point is to reduce the ongoing high expansion and to help it. There are many individuals who don’t have an observer, He said we want to investigate these individuals and give them different types of help.

Nonetheless, this is an impermanent answer for the ongoing emergency, he said, adding that the city organization is working close by the city organization to tackle the issue in a reasonable way.

Out of this, we strive to increment efficiency; Further developing way of life by killing apathy; “We are attempting to guarantee the security of the agrarian area by shortening the store network and keeping our food in the terrace,” he said.

City chairman Adanech said the organization has gathered 600 million birr for the undertaking, adding that 500 million birr has been designated for the organization. Given.

There is no lack of giving !! Numerous endowments come into your work due to giving. You will acquire goodness, You show it, In a message to the business local area, City chairman Adanech Abebe said: “Right now, you shouldn’t just feel frustrated about individuals yet in addition work to ultimately benefit individuals.

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