The story of this family is unexpected

A Saturday evening infotainment show with magazine design; way of life, lunch time visitor, book survey, music, cooking fragment and some more… , each Saturday @2:00 PMCity chairman Mrs. Adanech Abebe today gave over the 10,000 square meter sports lobby, which was a drawn out solicitation of the St. George Sports Club Allies Relationship in Lemi Kura Area.

As it is known, when City chairman Mrs. Adanech Abebe had a conversation with St. George and Ethiopia Espresso Sports Club allies, one of the many inquiries raised by the allies was the topic of growing games scenes.

Here today, City chairman Mrs. Adanech Abebe, who was one of the young’s requests, settled the different unlawful intermediaries and cases of the St. George Sports Club Allies’ Relationship at the games scene and gave it over to the club’s allies’ affiliation.

Simultaneously, Chairman Adanech said that we will construct this sports setting as a spot, yet in addition as a nation together, and like the wide range of various spots in the city, we are confronting improvement deterrents by impeding unlawful representatives.

Consequently, he approached the local area to assume part in checking the unlawful developments obstruct improvement in each space so the advancement works that have been begun can proceed.

Today, they have provided guidance to begin the advancement of the spot which was given over and the leading group of the club has vowed to begin the development at the earliest opportunity.

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