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The democratic of the mandate held in six zones and five exceptional locale in the Southern Countries, Ethnicities and People groups District has been finished: Public Political race BoarThe Public Political decision Leading body of Ethiopia has declared that the mandate casting a ballot program held today in six zones and five extraordinary locale in the southern countries and people groups district has been finished and counting has started.

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The board gave a public statement to the media tonight with respect to the mandate casting a ballot cycle held today in Konso, South Omo, Wolaita, Gamo, Gedeo, Gofa zones and Burji, Basketo, Brew, Amarona Derashe exceptional locale of the district.

The executive of the Public Political decision Leading group of Ethiopia Birtukhan Mideksa said in an official statement that the democratic program will be held from 12:00 AM to 2:00 PM today at 3,771 surveying stations under 31 focuses.

They expressed that in most surveying stations, the democratic cycle was finished at 12 early afternoon and the surveying stations were shut.

He expressed that the appointment of individuals’ choice which was held in six zones and five extraordinary locale of the district was led in a serene way with the exception of a couple of procedural holes and the electorate cast their votes with next to no issues.

The magistrate referenced that the including of votes has begun in the majority of the surveying stations and called attention to that one of the abnormalities experienced in the democratic cycle is the way that minors younger than 18 are enlisted as electors.

The Administrator likewise raised the infringement of the law by the administration bodies in giving distinguishing proof cards at Sorto surveying station.

Individuals brought up that the choice was made in a quiet way, however because of the absence of police force in the state police commission, it was discovered that the state armies were relegated to specific stations.

He additionally made sense of that the data about these and different exclusions and infringement of the law was gathered from the board’s call place, onlookers and the board’s administration individuals.

As indicated by the director of the Public Political decision Board, ESA revealed that the present political decision was led acceptably.

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