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Abel Adey and Girma

Following the arrangement arrived at in Pretoria between the National Legislature of Ethiopia and the HHWAT, the public authority is completing the helpful guide arrangement and reproduction works in Tigray. To arrive at residents who need critical philanthropic help, the public authority, in participation with global advancement accomplices, is moving compassionate help to the Tigray area in three bearings (hallways).

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The vitally philanthropic guide data of the most recent four days is introduced as follows;

In Gondar Hallway

• November 17-30 World Food Association trucks stacked with 1,137 metric lots of food grains were sent from Gondar to Shire through Humera; Additionally, 10 trucks stacked with 212 metric lots of grain were shipped from Gondar to Maitrebi.

• November 18-The World Food Association sent 1,043 metric lots of food grains from Gondar to Shire in 24 trucks.

• November 19-11 weighty vehicles are being stacked to ship help grain from Shire to Maitrebari.

• November 20-17 trucks of the World Food Association stacked with 380 metric lots of food help were sent from Gondar to Mai Tsebri ̸Dima. Additionally, 9 trucks brought food help from Gondar to Shire and got back to Gondar

in Kombolcha Passageway

• November 17-22 trucks conveying 626 metric lots of food help from Kombolcha showed up in Zata.

• November 18-54 vehicles stacked with food grains of the World Food Association left Kombolcha and went to Ofla; They have arrived at Raya Lamata

• November 19-For those in the southern zone; Korum and different regions are being sent food grains

Samara Passage

• November 17-34 vehicles stacked with various help showed up in Mekele. The accompanying kinds of help are incorporated: 77 metric lots of non-food things, 1,223 metric lots of food grains and 95,272 liters of fuel.

• November 18-A sum of 175 vehicles sent by the Catholic Help Administration showed up in Mekele.

• November 20-140 vehicles stacked with food help began their excursion from Semera to Mekele.

Flight administration

• November 20-A traveler flight was done from Addis Ababa to Mekele through the Unified Countries Philanthropic Air Administration.

November 21, 2015

Addis Ababa

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