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Abiy Ahmed

Regardless, liquidation, purges and suggestions look like a culture in the TPLF. Differences of feeling have never been persevered. With the purifying of Abay, all people yet one who started the outfitted fight and who are at this point alive have been scrubbed. It is a structure wherein the people of Tigray are created from more than a couple of times as demonstrated by their calling, sex, progress in years, as regulation making, lawful and definitive loads up of legal administrators (the warning gatherings were figured out as pantomimes of the soviets), units, volunteer armed forces, as the people from the TPLF and the MLLT. This system energizes control and readiness from a higher place. It is a game plan of normal uncertainty, fear, by and large accommodation and loss of confidence and movement. This game plan of all out insightful and actual control is spreading all over Ethiopia like a pandemic. It is a structure which chocks people and grants fear; which places relentlessness to the tyrant above data, experience and limit and retards improvement. Individuals assigned before they are articulated to be picked by the people. The balloters are executing orders from the council as a doublespeak for the dictator, when they cast their votes. The picked understand that they get no chance of selection without the approval of a comparable tyrant. Thusly the result, the picked owe their request to him and he can prevent them from getting it. They should be dedicated to him and not to the balloters.

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