Colonel Mengistu criticized because of the photo

Ethiopian armed force official and head of state (1974-91), who aided oust the exceptionally old government and endeavored to form Ethiopia into a socialist state.

Mengistu got official preparation at Holeta and extra preparation in the US. Ascending to the position of major, he became one of a gathering of junior officials and enrolled men who, disappointed with their absence of support and advancement inside the military, plotted disobedience to the public authority of Sovereign Haile Selassie I. In June 1974 Mengistu was made director of the Military Organizing Board (known as the Dergue), a panel of progressive troopers, and, after the capture of the ruler in September, he was made a bad habit executive of the Temporary Military Regulatory Gathering (PMAC), which was controlled by the Dergue and which expected the elements of government.

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