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Artist Kalkidan talks about the last days of Tariku Baba

For the performer, the appealing, the famous performer, the story portrays the light “revived”. The brightening of the story to be certain revived from that sad life. That appealing, the blossom of our country’s film, the wellspring of all our chuckling, his real life was overflowing with unforgiving pain. Right when the performer who blew us away with his work returned to his own life, his appearance was like no other. Not a solitary one of us care about the man, but about the work. Such is our life. Not a solitary one of us care about some other person’s life.

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The story was especially hopeless about his life after the division of his marriage. How the marriage isolated and the associated issues, the log jam in the film market and the shortfall of work by that sought-after performer broke the story intellectually. Despondency hurt him. The powerful performer in the public eye is starving. Looking for someone, he lost someone. As to begin with, only his mother was nearby in the long run.
The story was about the death of a companion or relative and the melancholy that was more painful than the exacerbation. Exactly when the performer who was so dear ended up being wiped out with torture and up close and personal breakdown, his mother fell into a lamentable cabin, and no one turned to see him.

He didn’t have an ally to go to his home even to say “May God take you”. Thusly, the chance of continually in the story expected to rise again from where it had fallen and show that he is a man. Once more he was staying before the camera with his astounding acting. However, it didn’t end up working.

Today, the story’s mother’s house is stacked up with well known skilled workers. There is a lot of crying over the story today. Tomorrow the internment administration will be adulated. An analyzation has been arranged. A shrub of blooms is showered upon him. Regardless, this has nothing to do with the story.

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