Interview with artist Ali Birra twin daughters

Interview with the twin offspring of craftsman Ali Birra section one. Ali’s tutoring began with an event where he showed obstinate way of behaving as a little kid. Subsequently Ali joined a Quranic school at 5 years old. Then Ali went to Addis Ababa on 20 June 1966. After his appearance in Addis, Ali kept on playing music at casual spots. On 27 September of that very year, Ali was welcome to perform at a music sTERMS
how facilitated at Film Ras for Meskel (celebration of the finding of the Genuine Cross).

That day’s exhibition ensured Ali’s work at the Royal Guardian Ensemble right away. Ali described unfortunately that during those days no bars in Addis Abeba had Afaan Oromoo artists. He performed close by Ethiopian music legends like Tilahun Gesesse, Muhamoud Ahmed, and Bizunesh Bekele. He went with the gathering through Ethiopia and Sudan to sing with notable famous people like Mohammed Wardi.

At the point when he was in Addis Ababa, he would act in enormous settings like the Hager Fikir Theater and Ras Theater. Not long after his work at the Royal Guardian Symphony, Ali laid out relations with the Mecha-Tulama Affiliation. He partook in the affiliation’s social exercises, including music and show.

His movement put him at the center of the state’s security. In the mean time, life in the Supreme Protector had gotten progressively challenging for Ali, including the customs and severe discipline. He chose to leave his place of employment following three years and went to Flooded Rail route Station for work.

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