Artist Rekik Teshome replied to the rumors

Writer Tekleyared has apologized. Craftsman Rekik Teshome”s reaction. Specialists continued localizing residents from the Inlet country on November 21, 2022, with an arrangement to bring in excess of 30,000 residents back home.

“The public authority has made the fundamental arrangements to do that,” State Clergyman of International concerns Birtukan Ayano said after inviting the returnees at Addis Ababa air terminal last month. Following a concurrence with Saudi authorities, the public authority of Ethiopia started the bringing home push – which plans to return 102, 000 residents back to their country in no less than eleven months – on Walk 30, 2022.

The primary round went on until August 29 and assisted with localizing in excess of 71,700 residents who had been held in Saudi Bedouin detainment communities for entering the country without legitimate authoritative records. Consistently, a large number of Ethiopians put their lives in danger making the risky excursion by means of Yemen bouncing looking for better positions in rich Bay countries frequently in the possession of the pirating organizations. Most, notwithstanding, end up abandoned in Yemen, held heavily influenced by perilous sneaking organizations, or in Saudi penitentiaries for unlawful passage.

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