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Mahder Asefa was born in the area called Shiro Meda in Addis Ababa. Her father's name is Asefa

Mahder Asefa was born in the area called Shiro Meda in Addis Ababa. Her father’s name is Asefa Demmelash. Her mother is Rebekah Faisa. She lived there until she was five years old. After that, along with her family, they shifted their residence to Kera area.

She studied primary education, i.e. 8th grade, at Emperor Zer Yaqob School. She then attended Shimeles Habte High School and then pursued a career as a secretary at Horizon University College. In her childhood, she loved to dance very much. They say that she was more shy and humble than you think. Hiding from her family, she danced at the school’s Mini Midi Center when she was still in primary

school with her five friends. From a very young age, she loved listening to music. Also being a musician is her passion. However, thinking that my voice was not for music, she turned her attention to the film industry. She worked as a sales professional at Bole Airline premises for more than four and a half years. While she was working there, she received a phone call. The movie director was Enyew Dechasa.

He asked her to make a movie. She was a little confused at the time. Because it has been more than four years since she has been away from her dancing career and in front of the camera. Mahder, who did not want to miss the opportunity, told the director to consult with my family. They agreed. Her family also advised her that she should do film work before leaving the job. After talking to the director, she made her first film without leaving her job. Indeed, she succeeded. The movie Tasraar became her first movie.

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