Famous EBS journalist Mekdes Debesay Biography

Renowned EBS writer Mekdes Debesay Biography.Mayor Adanech Abebe and the individuals from the city o

Renowned EBS writer Mekdes Debesay Biography.Mayor Adanech Abebe and the individuals from the city organization bureau held a lunch get-together and dressing function for the elderly.Mayor Mrs. Adanech Abebe said that the establishment stone was laid today and the elderly individuals’ middle will be supplanted by a new and current focus at the site where the ladies’ recovery and it be worked to prepare focus will.

There were just 150 older individuals in the current old community, and it was referenced that the recently fabricated office with the collaboration of Daylight Development has the ability to oblige in excess of 750 old people.At a similar function, City chairman Adanech Abebe invited the road youngsters living in the middle and held a lunch party for them.He declared that they will be offered the chance to partake in work creation at the Ladies’ Recovery Place which was begun and will be constructed today.

In the assessment, it was brought up that there is serene action in the zone now that the issues of safety break and flimsiness in the zone have been addressed. In any case, it is said that it is important to forestall the abrupt assault that can be done by infiltrators in the zone.

To address this danger, it has been said that the security powers of the zone and the locale will do crisis examinations and observing and control in dubious regions. It is said that the heads of the Kebele and the locale authorities should coordinate adolescents to safeguard their regions, particularly when they see or hear dubious things, they are expected to quickly answer to the applicable specialists.

To address the security danger, it was reported that a period limit has been forced, and here it has been said that lodgings and business foundations can not offer types of assistance after four o’clock at night. Moreover, the Security Gathering has concluded that any vehicle, including bikes and three-legged vehicles (identifications), won’t be permitted to move after four o’clock at night.

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